How e-Gehalt works

1. You continue to create the payslips in your HR system.

2. As soon as you have imported your employees into the system, they automatically receive the access data for the online portal. With the first login, the user is activated in the portal.

3. The HR department now has the possibility to deliver all HR documents to the user via the platform.

e-Gehalt Features

Flow Chart

During the import, the PDF provided by the HCR system is split by our import tool so that the individual documents are automatically assigned to your employees. Our system processes the documents and our e-Gehalt algorithm automatically assigns the payslips to each employee.

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Automated and manual user administration

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Automated and manual document import

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Automated and secure user onboarding. Optionally with multi-factor authentication

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Can be used with and without email addresses

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Optimised for desktop, tablet and smartphone

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Developed and hosted in Germany

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Multi-client systems

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i18n / available in 23 languages

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Send notices to all employees

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Independently manage unlimited number of administrators

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Employees can be divided according to subsidiaries or cost centres

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API interface
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GDPR-compliant, incl. automated report

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Your company logo after login

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Regular automatic background updates and product improvements

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Create general info pages for staff

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Extensible (custom APIs, custom jobs, custom modules)

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SAP® interface

Functions at a glance


Employees - Import

Employees - Import

First, you create your employees via a CSV import. The specifications for the CSV import can be found in the administration area.
Select the user CSV file via the upload button and configure your import with a few clicks.
The system automatically creates your employees and informs you about the successful import or offers you the possibility to make corrections if errors should occur.
The creation of the users, the sending of the invitation emails and the activation of initial passwords completes automatically during the import process.


Documents - Import

Documents - Import

Here you can upload the monthly payslips. Of course, you can also import other HR documents such as time sheets or registration certificates. For example, the import takes place by means of a multipage PDF provided by you, which contains, the payslips on the individual pages.
During the import the multi-PDF is split by our import tool so that the individual documents can be automatically assigned to your employees.


Manage users

Manage users

As an administrator, you can manage changes to employee master data and documents conveniently via a front end. You can see your employees in a table, search for a specific employee using various filters, edit their master data and even switch to the user's view.

By the way:
Functions such as „Forgotten password“, „Change password“, etc. are automatically available to every employee by default.


Manage documents

Manage documents

In the document overview you can see all documents that are stored in the system. You can search for documents using various filters and view, deactivate, delete or re-upload documents.


e-Gehalt from the perspective of the end user

e-Gehalt from the perspective of the end user

Users can log in to their personal account with their login name and password. There they have the possibility to search, view and download documents. Users can also change their password and email address in this area. Of course, this area also works on any smartphone or tablet.

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e-Gehalt / DMS

Deliver digital payslips and other HR documents electronically. You continue to create the payslips in your HR system. e-Gehalt delivers the payslips digitally to your employees.

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