Deliver payslips and all other HR documents electronically

With e-Gehalt, employees of the affiliated companies have access to a web app that, if necessary, works without the employees' e-mail addresses. In this way, employees can access their documents digitally at any time.

How it work

Automated document import


Document and user management


Highest safety standards


A portal for employees and HR

Our packages

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Test phase

  • Automated document import
  • One document type
  • User management
  • 10 test user
  • Complete range of functions
  • 7 days test phase
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  • Automated document import
  • 4 document types incl.
  • Up to 500 active users
  • Batch processing for user import
  • Support
  • Monthly invoice
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  • Automated document import
  • Unlimited document types
  • Unlimited users
  • Batch processing for user import
  • Premium Support
  • Monthly invoice
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Advantages at a glance

e-Gehalt is legally compliant, GDPR-compliant and follows the highest standards for data security. Until now, the delivery of payslips on paper was common. However, the offline process with printing, packaging and mailing is not only more error-prone, but also significantly more expensive compared to electronic delivery of the documents.
In the age of digitization, such documents must be easily accessible via smartphone or tablet. With e-Gehalt, your employees receive a personal login so that they can access wage and salary documents at any time and from any location. e-Gehalt meets all legal requirements for the digital delivery of such documents and sets standards in terms of access security.

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Can be operated independently of your HR-system

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Monthly cost savings (printing, postage, dispatch, etc.)

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Highest security standards

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Increased efficiency thanks to automated payroll processes

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API interface
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Client-separated systems for 100% access security

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GDPR-compliant solution

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No initial investment, ready-to-use solution

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A benefit for your employees - access wage and salary documents any where at any time

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SAP® interface
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Saving time and resources

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Access from desktop, tablet and smartphone

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Your expandable entry into a cloud-based HR infrastructure

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Developed and hosted in Germany

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e-Gehalt / DMS

Deliver digital payslips and other HR documents electronically. You continue to create the payslips in your HR system. e-Gehalt delivers the payslips digitally to your employees.

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